MSc/PhD - Fall 2024 (deadline is mid-January)

I am recruiting MSc and PhD students in statistics/bioinformatics with strong statistical background for Fall 2024. Students should be interested in Bayesian statistics, infectious disease modelling, computational statistics,  time series regression models, evidence synthesis, or innovative applications of statistics to epidemiology and public health.

Graduate students in statistics at University of Guelph are fully funded, and I offer very competitive stipends due to the increased cost of living in southern Ontario.

When inquiring about graduate studies with me, you can send me an email with a C.V, transcript, and IELTS (if applicable/available) stating why you are potentially interested in studying under my guidance. Alternatively, you can apply directly to the appropriate graduate program and mention why you want to work with me in your statement of purpose.

Although I will read all inquiries that come into my inbox, I cannot gaurantee a (timely) response due to high volumes of inquiries.